Mayor of Sandwip Pourashava

Name : Mohammed Moktader Mowla
Father Name : Md.
Education : Bachelor of Arts (B.A)
Address :
C/O - A,
Porashava Ward No - 0,
P.O. Box - Bakhter Hat,
Sandwip Pourashava, Upazilla Sandwip, Chittagong

Mobile Number: 017, 0

Dear Citizens,
Take my Salam.. I am always grateful to almighty ALLAH and to my citizens as you have elected me as municipality mayor with huge mandate. Now it is my turn what I can do for you. This web is primary milestone of my working methodology.

Whenever Awami League has come into power, significant changes have been established in Bangladesh. Honorable Prime minister Sheikh Hasina�s vision 2021 has undoubtedly brought some historic changes in Bangladesh. Already there exists a digital revolution throughout Bangladesh. It is a continuous process and people should give more opportunity so that historic changes can happen in Bangladesh. As to co-operate her from the root ground, I can firmly say that I will bring significant change of Sandwip municipality.

As per my election commitment, I have launched this website so that you people can get all information of Sandwip Municipality not only from Sandwip but also from all over Bangladesh and Abroad. This web is a complete reflection of our all activities. The more you people actively participate on it, the more I will be honored to serve you. I believe in democracy, you are the supreme power and I believe in people�s power.

My municipality office functions from 9 am to 5 pm. But my virtual office ( is a 24 hours office. So I am with you always to hear your call, advice, suggestion, complain etc. I have already brought some software�s to bring active changes in each section of Sandwip municipality.

In each month, I will give a monthly speech on this website so that you can see my working plan and activities in that month. The more you people participate on it, the more I will be responsible to serve you. Thus I will serve you till the end of my tenure.

I am here to bring some dynamic changes in the Sandwip municipality. You people trusted on me and I will return it even sacrificing my life for you. Just give me the continuous support so that I can say that I have tried my level best to develop Sandwip as one of the best municipality of the country.

Best wishes for you.

Mohammad Jafor Ullah (Titu)
Sandwip Pourashava
Mobile: 01712, 010